There is no pain you're receding. A distant ship smoke on the horizon. You're only coming through in waves, your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying. When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse. Out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look but it was gone. I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown, the dream is gone..

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

10 things I learnt staying in Anand!!

Today is one of those "I will blog about anything that comes to my mind" day! So, in this post, I will reveal a few things that my friends don't know about. After staying in the city Anand/Vidyanagar for over 4 months, I have stumbled across a few facts of those cities! To be honest, they are not exactly facts because I made them up! (But everything mentioned below is 100% TRUEgrinning! So, let's check 'em out! 

1. A life, slower than a slug!
    Yes, you read it correctly. If I were a member of some jury and had to award a city for a dull, low-spirited and moronic way of living, then this city would take the award away for everything of above! The people seem to be coming from Dilip Kumar's Mughal-E-Azam's time! Yeah! It's that bad! :P

2. 80% of the crowd goes in the majority for...
    Rockets! I don't expect everyone to understand this thing, but rockets are a completely different species (sadly homo-sapiens!), who are as non-sense as Rakhi Sawant or Kolaveri Di, and think as limited as Sallu's movies! They seem to be deliberately dim-witted and slow at talking. Since they wake up in the morning to their last piss of the day, study is the only thing that they talk about! They talk with an out-of-the-world-alien-type accent, which only their fellow brothers can figure out! Undoubtedly known for their hard work, the only mantra that they dwell on is "Live to study, study to live!" Actually, there's no mantra! I invented this thing myself! :P *shrugs*. Getting a bit off the topic, I remember an incident when I asked a rocket, who was staring at me for 20 constant minutes: "Dude, are you Gay?" His reply shocked the crap out of me: "Na bhai. Only Indian!" So, no wonder why my English has become so bad! Believe me, I did not suck this much at it! I was witty and fluent when it came to this language! Okay; *sighing* enough for these kind-hearted retards! Let's move on! :D

3. Food, my life!
    I am  big foodie! (Repeating it for all those people who were ignorant enough to not read my profile! koi nai! hota hai!) But, since the last 5 months, my taste-buds are screaming for help and for good taste! I hope they don't die eventually with pain! Yes, it's that pathetic. It's either too sweet or too spicy, too salty or too dry to swallow. It's never an all-in-one-balanced-diet package, no! Never! So, when I come to Surat on weekends, my family and friends are left surprised and shocked, when I spend most of the time eating out! Well, eating is an understatement, hogging out it is, because then, I eat like a glutton!  *Appetite for Destruction*!

4. Movie-Talkies!
    Yup! I would call them talkies, because multiplex or cimema would be an overstatement, too sophisticated! :P. The 3 movies, Mausam, Tin Tin and Desi Boys, which I saw there in the last 5 months at Fame have been some of my worst experiences. (Except Desi Boys, both of them were good movies), but coming back on the track, it seemed as though I am sitting in someone's home theater! Poor sound, inefficient A.C., screen cut from sides and bottom, bad food and mad people adds to the beauty of it! :D

5. Girls! Girls! Girls!
    I now realize the value of my city-Surat! Come on, I am a guy, and like all normal guys, I love bird watching! But, in Anand, there is no greenery, so no birds fly over there! (No pun intended!) So, cities like Surat, Mumbai, Vadodara have been so far at the top of my cities-with-the-hottest-chicks list! ;) When I come to think of it, Anand would bottom this list too! :(

6. Restaurants..
    Mouth watering, lips smacking and longing eyes when you see the food served to you in restaurants? Forget it! These things happen only in reality, not in hell! Yes, the best restaurants in Anand do not match even the most average and modest ones of Surat!  (Now, don't give me that Subway and Domino thing, they are chain-restaurants baby!) The worst part is, a Paani puri stall is rarely spotted! :P

7. The Rickshaw drivers!
    This is the only list where Anand/Vidyanagar tops it all! I was in an awe when I first shared an Auto with 8 other people with me, 9 including the driver! I mean, the drivers here are some of the most expert ones that I have come across on the globe! I was never more impressed, not even seeing the maut ka kuwa at the fair when I was a kid! :D ! Thumbs up for these people and their balls to drive a rickshaw with 9 other people! *beaming*

8. Amul - the taste of India!
    Amul dairy flourished all over India, from Anand. Yes, it was set up in Anand, and the largest factories are found here. Yet, the irony is, I could almost say that Surat has more outlets of Amul than what Anand has! In our 11 year old college campus, we now finally have a depot. Till now, we had to put up with Vadilal ice-creams! *shoots oneself*! Seriously, how would the Italians feel if Pizza was more famous in any country, other than Italy?! How would India feel if there were more Punjabi restaurants in Germany, than in India?! Huh?! :P

9. The Station..
    Anand's railway station, is as I can say, the best place and the source of attraction for me! Is it so good? NO WAYS! I only like it, because it gives me a new feeling of freedom from the gates of hell! It brings me home! And yes, not to mention only a few trains even bother to show up here, it's infamous for the rarity of trains that halt here! :P 

10. And then...come on, No shit! But are you not yet satisfied?! Do you actually want some more of it?! I am done here, and I feel so relieved showering this knowledge on people, and enriching their 9-point-tour to the city of my nightmares! (Not dreams, nightmares! :P) [Oh yes! One thing I forgot to mention is, Anand has the best drainage system I have ever seen, because even 30 minutes of rain causes overflow and road blockages!]

If you feel any sympathy for me, reading this post, then do comment; and offer your condolences! :P :D

Till my next post, 


  1. 1. Sorry about the ignorance, but where is Vidyanagar? :/

    2. Kolaveri DI is not nonsense :P but rakhi sawant is beyond it :D ..LOl he said I'm Indian.. Facepalm :P .. poor u man! And gosh these lot are crazy!!

    3. Yayiee hi-5 .. m a foodie too and see the 1st thing I read was your "about me" section, so I pat myself on the back :D ..

    4. A bad theater for me is such a turn off.. It spoils the whole movie experience.. I still wanna watch TinTin :( ..

    5. LOL no comments! All I can say is relocate :P

    6. No Paanipuri?? :O .. Hell how do u survive.. I love Paanipuri, Ragda chaat, sev puri... man I'm getting hungry :P

    7. 9 people????!! you sure that was a rickshaw or a mini van .. ughh :O .. I can NOT believe it!! Paseene ka smell nahi aaya? :P

    8. AMUL- Anand Milk Unlimited Liasion?? Oh crap sorry! Union Ltd na :P .. ahem Amul Ice-cream in exch for Vadilal.. shyaaa :(

    9. Bwwwahahahha now I feel sorry for you *mean me* :P

    10. My hearty condolences Mr. ... Tch tch I can just imagine your plight :P

    Hahahah I can't believe I had something to say for every little point.. Bwaahahahaa Misery at its best :P .. tch tch you'll get used to it.. Hope you do.. N-joy :D

  2. Confused Soul: Misery has a new definition! :)
    1. Vidyanagar is the city, next to Anand. Literally next to it. You cannot even know when you have left one and entered the other!

    2. Yes, they really are the craziest animals that walk the earth! :P

    3. *hi5*!

    4. Tin Tin is really awesome! And yes, a bad theater kills all your mood! Srsly!

    5. I know, but the feeling that kills it, is I gotta stand this ugly-girls-land for next 4 years! :O

    6. You see! Just the very thought of it makes us hungry! I am a die hard paanipuri lover! Chat and Sev puri is still not a big thing for me, but paanipuri; awesome! :D

    7. Aati hai na! They smell a lot! And I detest every minute of that 20 min *joy ride*! :O

    8. I know! :(

    9. See the frustration now?! It really makes u go crazy! :P

    10. I can do with some sympathy! It can keep me going! thanks a lot! :D

    And yeah! You can only hope for it! Take care! :D :P

  3. Being from Gujarat, I can totally understand what you might have gone through :) Anand is so not the place to be in :P

  4. Philo: Yes, exactly! Had it not been known for the best education for engineering in Gujarat, I would have kept miles away from this city! I swear! :)

  5. Yeah! Will have to, because then, I will have to adopt that mantra "live to study, study to live"! lol! :D

  6. Ok here's a basket full of sympathy :P .. On a serous note, like we say a change always takes time to be accepted.. and you will get over it soon.. let's just hope the next 4 yrs of your life there give you amazing memories, lots of love and strong bonds.. good luck :)

  7. Ah...this surely was fun to read :) Lots of my friends did Engineering/ Physiotherapy courses at Anand/ Vidyanagar and I have heard similar stories from them as well...especially about the super slow pace of life!

    I hope the education is decent for you, as consolation!

  8. Confused Soul: I could take that basket! Srsly! :D
    And yes, I am slowly learning to get accustomed with the life there. You see, I have a group of friends as crazy as me, full on fun and masti! SO, just like u said, about the amazing memories and a bond of friendship and love, it's all gonna be strengthened in these 4 years! :)

  9. Siddhartha Joshi: Thanks a lot! :D
    And yeah, the education there is pretty awesome, probably the best for engineering! And slowly, we are getting used to the sluggish life, no matter how bad it is, Surat always brings new hopes and happiness! :D

  10. ya i have visited anand n is seriously next to hell especially for surtis as even i m from surat n i seriously know how wud u b feeling there n specially for d food part..i support u

  11. Roohani : Thanks for the support! Really! Anand badly needs a change of chefs all over the city, and like a complete makeover! :P
    Leaving studies aside, it's one place you don't wanna live in!

  12. ya i know n v living in Surat surely wont like their food seems we need to send few chefs from our city their so at least their r few places good!